Rescue Carts

Production of ground drones
for evacuation, cargo transportation and demining.

Евакуаційніта вантажні наземні безпілотникі

Please be informed that at Military of Ukraine request we have began production of ground-based drones. The drone is designed for evacuation of the wounded, transportation of cargoes and demining.

Remote control of such a drone will save more than one life. Being in war conditionsr, we faced difficulties in financing of this project. The cost of one drone is about €2,000 to €4,000, depending on the modification. By participating in the financing of this project, you will make your invaluable contribution to the salvation of lives.

Soon our website will publish photos and videos of drone construction, reports on their transfer to Military of Ukraine and feedback reviews on work of drones in extreme conditions.

We are looking forward to receive your proposals, interesting projects, wishes by e-mail

There is no insurmountable terrain for our drone. It is able to drive off-road, cross the river ford.
All mechanisms and units are protected from aggressive external environment and water ingress

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